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How to Overcome Driving Fear:

There are quite a number of things you need to recognize about your driving fear and anxiety; firstly, it proves to me you're a very Quick Learner. Most sufferers often think that they're strange, weak or even a bit silly because they have a Fear of Driving; in reality the complete reverse is true. Having a fear, by and large means that you have the capability to learn at a much faster rate than the average person.

Your Driving Fear is more than likely related to a fearful episode or bad encounter you had while driving or even as a passenger, and from just a small number of encounters you quickly managed to develop the fearful and anxious reaction that you still carry with you today. It only took a few very minor incidents for your brain to become skilled at something extremely formidable.

The good news is that you can teach yourself something completely new by drawing on that same fast learning ability you possess and if done correctly, able to learn the complete opposite; and not be Afraid of Driving any longer.

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Overcome Driving Fear by understanding exactly how it works:

You see, there is a part of your brain that basically runs on auto-pilot - Your subconscious mind, and it sends a fear signal to the part of your mind that has the awareness and informs you there is an impending dangerous event about to happen and you need to protect yourself and be prepared to take defensive action or quickly get away!

But, this is where the main problem lies... The fact is your mind is fabricating a massive blunder!

Your mind has incorrectly assessed that you are continuously at risk of danger whenever driving is involved and this threat is based purely on those few bad encounters. The response that is triggered is what is recognized as the "fight or flight" reaction; this reaction makes your body take substantial effort to rescue itself from damage, and guess what... it all occurs without your approval!

This all happens in your subconscious and gives you no opportunity to assess the circumstances accurately using your own conclusion to determine whether the threat it perceives is genuine or not. Within a fraction of a second, you produce chemicals such as adrenaline that surge through your body creating the physical symptoms you experience like a racing heart, blurred vision, sweating, difficult to breathe and so on.

The great difficulty you face each time this occurs is that you already know that this driving fear reaction you experience is not correct, when there is no genuine threat involved, so alternatively the CURE is to "Retrain Your Brain" to respond in a different manner when confronted by driving so as not to initiate the "fight or flight" reaction.

The overwhelming hurdle to overcoming driving fear, or any anxiety disorder for that matter, is that you have unconsciously learned something that is an imagination and you have not yet comprehended how to rectify this.

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