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Get over your fear of driving todayWhen you are out driving your car and you start to feel the fear of driving coming on, which can occur for no apparent reason, your brain creates these additional neural pathways and since this is what gives us the ability to learn it is basing this new learning on a false assumption that leads quickly to an irrational fear and phobia reaction which ultimately teaches you to be increasingly, more fearful.

Our ability to learn occurs by forming neural pathways in the brain.

Learning to ride a bike is a good example and the reason you can accomplish this is due to the formation of these neural pathways. Basically you must concentrate your attention to what you’re doing so that you won't fall, and it's clumsy as your brain works out the right balance and co-ordination by creating new neural pathways.

These neural pathways will get stronger as you repeat the process, and you'll soon perform many adjustments during your ride without even considering them. You will no longer need to worry about how to ride anymore, as your subconscious handles this on complete auto pilot.

When it comes to the fear of driving a car or even being a passenger for that matter, neural pathways form in your brain, produce an anxious reaction and force into your subconscious. This conditioning of the brain is subconscious and therefore, the secret to getting over the fear of driving is to instead lay new neural pathways of calm and assurance to counteract the old ones of anxiety .Trying to solve a subconscious problem consciously just does not work, which in-turn means, most programs or treatments don't work.

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I recently watched an account of a 24 year old man who was morbidly obese and had amazingly turned his life around by losing over 130 pounds in weight. He was presented with a challenge to overcome his fear of water by jumping into the ocean and swimming under the keel of a large sailing boat. As you can imagine he was terrified, he was sweating, had gone pale and was literally at the point of tears...

The whole process was conducted under strictly controlled conditions with a large support team and employed the method of building up to it by conquering smaller challenges, like first putting his head under water, then diving down a little and so on. He ultimately completed the challenge and the reaction of this man when his head came up out of the water was incredible, both his arms went straight up in the air with his fists clenched and he let out a roar that made your heart jump and tears well up in your eyes. After living with this fear his entire life he had completely smashed his fear to pieces and was so excited that finally he could live his life to the full.

He overcame his fear by re-training his brain to ultimately associate water with the greatest achievement in his life and he no longer feared the fear. Obviously we all can't have the time and resources to devote to a quest like this man, but the Driving Fear Program by Rich Presta uses similar principles to achieve results and he should know because he overcame his own fear of driving by himself and now gives you the opportunity to do the same with the invaluable experience of his achievement.

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