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Understanding the Fear of Driving

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Have you ever experienced a panic attack just thinking about driving in traffic, the rain, in snow or overcome by the fear of driving over bridges?

Do you suffer from nervous tension so... bad that it makes you too frightened to attempt the driving test, or have you already completely botched the driving test?

You might think it's something you'll have to get used to, that it can't be helped, and that maybe you're a little bit strange, different and nobody understands you. Well the fact of the matter, it just isn’t true, it’s not impossible, and the method on how to get over your fear of driving and anxiety CAN be found, which I will tell you about shortly, and you’re nowhere near being alone.

One of the overwhelming desires by those suffering driving fear and the associated anxiety is to find the solution on how to overcome the fear of driving. Generally what they experience is wide ranging, from feeling nervous and uneasy through to being scared, possibly depressed and maybe even terrified. The great difficulty with this disorder is that most of the symptoms people endure are being forced upon them by their own brain - Without their Consent!

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Try out these simple tips:

Calm your Fear of Driving
Reduce your caffeine

Re-hydrate yourself

Go for a brisk walk

1. reduce caffeine
Coffee contains the drug caffeine, which over stimulates the central nervous system and your brain resulting in the body producing more adrenalin. This stimulates the adrenal glands and turns on the 'fight or flight response in your nervous system, so drink it in moderation.

2. rehydrate
Water is essential for your health - about 60% of your body is water. If you're dehydrated you'll likely suffer from headaches, tiredness, dizziness, muscle weakness and so on. Water helps your body detoxify and drinking more water will improve your brain function.

3. take a walk
Recent clinical studies have discovered that the power of depression is negated by the effect of exercise. Before you intend driving your car, take some time out to stop what your doing andgo for a brisk walk. Not only will the exercise help, giving your brain a break will help you to relax.

So what is the Fear of Driving?

A fear of driving is called "hodophobia" and is commonly referred to as a "conditioned response". Each time you head out for a drive and quite often even when you are just thinking about it, your subconscious mind starts to dredge up what transpired the last time you went driving and especially, how you reacted. If your reaction was one of fear, it will have left a very powerful emotional impression in your mind which in turn makes it very easy for you to recall.

Your subconscious mind mistakenly connects that reaction of fear with driving motor vehicles and assumes that on this occasion as well, you are in a hazardous situation and that you are in danger, so to protect you it will activate the ‘fight or flight’ response. In most cases with the fear of driving you just want to get as far away as possible from driving as you can, or ‘flight’.

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