Do you fear driving? Discover the road to recovery.

Do You Fear Driving & Suffer Bouts of Anxiety?

Re-train your brainLiving with Driving Fear and the associated Anxiety or Panic Attacks is extremely debilitating and robs you of your freedom, confidence and independence. Most can suffer from a range of symptoms including trembling and sweating through to heart palpitations and dizziness, some may even find it difficult to take a deep breath and have irrational thoughts of completely losing control, or even going crazy.

To fear driving can be soul destroying and by having such great difficulty with a skill that so many other people can master fairly easily, certainly does not help the situation, but your'e Not Alone. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, fear and anxiety based disorders are anticipated to be the most diagnosed health problems in the world by 2030.

Well don't despair, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is that there are a host of resources and programs available online that specifically tackle the fear of driving as well as general anxiety disorders and fears. Many also provide ongoing phone support and a select few even offer one on one counseling sessions and have physical centers around the world.

This is where you will find our website Fear very helpful by giving you a new direction in tackling these conditions and a heads-up of what treatments are available, which includes website reviews of online panic, anxiety and driving fear programs, articles and simple tips to help you find a solution to overcoming your driving fear, that will work for you!

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Do you suffer from any of these driving fear or anxiety symptoms?

  • Waking up with a massive knot in your stomach because you fear driving to work in the heavy morning traffic.
  • Fear driving on bridges or completely avoid them.
  • On prescribed medication to take the edge off your anxiety and fear of driving.
  • Becoming exhausted by the fearsome thoughts you experience when driving.
  • Fear driving on the highway because you feel trapped and can't turn off when you want to.
  • Has advancing your career taken a back seat and been put on hold by your fear of driving.
  • Avoiding family or social functions that require motor vehicle travel.

Try these simple tips:

Exercise on the beach
Early to bed
Phone a friend

Depressions power is removed by exercise. A clinical study found that in a group of reasonably depressed people, those who exercised had similar results to those on anti-depressants. A fast walk in the morning will aid the body's mood and sleep modes to re-balance.

One US brain imaging study found people who missed one nights sleep and watched disturbing pictures had a 60% increase of brain activity in the part of the brain that processes fear and anxiety. Individuals who achieved a good nights sleep, recorded normal responses.
Talking to a friend will give you a more balanced viewpoint and even simply talking to someone stops what psychologists call "rumination"; the same thoughts of fear going round and round in your mind. Rather talk to a stranger? Join the Driving Fear Program.


Do You Feel Trapped Inside a Dark Tunnel by Your Fear of Driving?

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